TCCS 10: Jonathan was Right for Money

Happy New Year! Chris & Stevie are back – and to make up for being a week late they recorded a very long episode about the amazing Jamie Lee Curtis and Mystery Science Theater 3000! They also talk about killer frogs, scandalous dancing, Jeopardy, and more!

TCCS 9: Friendship Waffles

On episode 9 of The Talent Crush Chat Show, Stevie and Chris discuss Thanksgiving traditions, breakfast foods, Stevie’s inability to tell the Hollywood Chrises apart, and Chris’s shocking indifference to Halloween. They also take a trip through Pawnee, Indiana to visit with the good people of the Parks and Recreation department.

TCCS 8: Reluctant Millennial

In episode 8 of The Talent Crush Chat Show, Chris and Stevie discuss amateur carpentry, books, and how much work you can get done if you accidentally wake up at an ungodly hour. Later, they’re joined by actor/director/producer Courtney Deelen for a deep dive into audition anxiety, producing your own work, and why you need to plan ahead when you need cops on set. 

TCCS 7: A Labyrinthine Conversation

In episode 7 of The Talent Crush Talk Show, Chris & Stevie diverge from the path well-traveled and take a twisty-turny stroll down pop-culture lane, encountering muppets and deceased authors before taking a deep dive into television excellence via a recap of the Emmy awards. All of this, plus a rapid-fire Unreliable Advice! What more could you ask for?

TCCS 6: Icelandic Primitive

Welcome to episode six of the Talent Crush Chat Show, everything is fine. Chris and Stevie unleash their enthusiasm for The Good Place and explore every facet of the writing, performances, and production of the acclaimed show and its companion podcast. Later, they go dutch on some Unreliable Advice!

TCCS 5: Marlee & Me

Together, the talent crushes of episode 5 of the Talent Crush Chat Show have an Oscar, a Golden Globe, a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, an Honorary Doctorate, and a podcast. Stevie shares the amazing impact that Marlee Matlin had on her life and Chris talks about the brilliant performances of Joshua Malina, before skipping Unreliable Advice entirely!

This episode has been transcribed! 


TCCS 4: Drowned in Moonlight

On episode 4 of the Talent Crush Chat Show, Chris & Stevie discuss the work of the legendary Carrie Fisher, speak with wonderful artist and friend of the show Beth Morrell, and dispense some Unreliable Advice on how not to be creepy.

TCCS 3: All the Awards

In episode 3 of The Talent Crush Chat show, Chris & Stevie learn The Truth About Licorice. Stevie gets so loquacious about the tremendously talented Viola Davis that there’s no time for Chris to have a crush. Then the pair interview the delightful LA-and-Portland-based multi-talent Carla Cackowski! Plus, Unreliable Advice!

TCCS 2: Seedy Pedestrian

On the second episode of the Talent Crush Chat Show, Stevie sings the praises of Tina Fey, Chris expounds on the genius of Marc Bernardin, and the pair interview singer-songwriter Teri Brown about her music and her love of Drew Barrymore before dishing out some TV-themed Unreliable Advice.

TCCS 1: Sanctuary of Joy

In the very first episode of The Talent Crush Chat Show Podcast, Chris & Stevie introduce the show. Stevie gushes about Riki Lindhome, Chris rhapsodizes about Michael Ian Black, and then they dispense some wardrobe-related Unreliable Advice!