TCCS #1: Sanctuary of Joy

TCCS #1: Sanctuary of Joy

In the very first episode of The Talent Crush Chat Show Podcast, Chris & Stevie introduce the show. Stevie gushes about Riki Lindhome, Chris rhapsodizes about Michael Ian Black, and then they dispense some wardrobe-related Unreliable Advice!

credit: Riki Lindhome

credit: Riki Lindhome

Riki Lindhome

Riki Lindhome is an actress, comedian, and musician. She is one half of the comedy band Garfunkel & Oates, and co-creator of Comedy Central's Another Period.

Riki's website

Pretty In Buffalo

Beige Curtains

Accidental Slut

Late Nite Text Subtext

Garfunkel & Oates

The song used in Scrubs was “Fuck You” by Garfunkel & Oates

Here it is in Scrubs, retitled as “Screw You”

Another Period:

credit: Michael Ian Black

credit: Michael Ian Black

Michael Ian Black

Michael Ian Black is an author, actor, comedian, and very famous celebrity. He was a member of The State, a star of the Wet Hot American Summer series, and hosts the popular podcast, How To Be Amazing.

Michael Ian Black's Website

Michael Ian Black's Twitter

The Boys Are Not All Right

How To Be Amazing

Michael Ian Black's writing for McSweeney's

Some People Do Not Like Celebrities

From Twitter to tacos, Michael Ian Black catches us up

The Talent Crush Chat Show podcast is written, edited, and produced by Christopher Royce and Stevie Jackson
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TCCS #0: Teaser

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