TCCS #3: All the Awards

TCCS #3: All the Awards

In episode 3 of The Talent Crush Chat Show, Chris & Stevie learn The Truth About Licorice. Stevie gets so loquacious about the tremendously talented Viola Davis that there’s no time for Chris to have a crush. Then the pair interview the delightful LA-and-Portland-based multi-talent Carla Cackowski! Plus, Unreliable Advice!

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Viola Davis

Viola Davis is phenomenal. She is an activist, philanthropist, and a Triple Crown of Acting winner. Viola can currently be found on How to Get Away with Murder, and has starred in such films as The HelpDoubtPrisoners, and Fences.

In Fences on broadway, and on film.

In Doubt. ([S] This should have won the Oscar. If you’re not weeping by the end of this scene you don’t have a soul.)

On Playing Aibileen in The Help.

On self-esteem.



Carla Cackowski

Carla Cackowski is a writer, actor, voiceover artist, improviser, improv teacher, and podcaster extraordinaire! She hosts the podcast Improv Yak, where she talks to fellow improvisors about all things improv, and also co-hosts the Craig's List Podcast with her husband Craig, wherein they watch and talk about his 100 favorite movies (and some of Carla's favorites, as well!) She is currently the Co-Artistic Director of Curious Comedy Theatre in Portland, OR, and will soon be taking on the position of Training Centre Director at M.I.’s Westside Comedy Theatre in Los Angeles.

Carla's website

Follow Carla on Twitter & Instagram

Enjoy these pictures of Benny & Frankie, who make a cameo appearance in this episode!

Check out Carla's podcasts: Improv Yak & the Craig's List Podcast!

Orange Tuxedo videos and live dates!

See Carla improvise with her group Teacher, Teacher at the Curious Comedy Theater in Portland, OR, every Sunday!

Check out Carla's appearances on SPONTANTEANTION with Paul F. Tompkins (courtesy the Spontaneanation wiki)

Carla's podcast crossover with Janet Varney's The JV Club!



Featuring A Strong Female Lead: The Movie from The Break with Michelle Wolf


On licorice:

Red Licorice

Is Red Licorice Even Licorice At All? An Expert Sheds Some Light On The Issue

How Red Licorice Is Made


Opening Night: The Improvised Musical! featuring Mark McConville, Shulie Cowen, & more!


The episode of How Did This Get Made? in which June Diane Raphael & Matt Gourley discuss their WIGDAR expertise. ([C] Depending on when you click through, the episode may behind the Stitcher Premium paywall... HDTGM rotates their archives every few months.)


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