TCCS #6: Icelandic Primitive

TCCS #6: Icelandic Primitive

Welcome to episode six of the Talent Crush Chat Show, everything is fine. Chris and Stevie unleash their enthusiasm for The Good Place and explore every facet of the writing, performances, and production of the acclaimed show and its companion podcast. Later, they go dutch on some Unreliable Advice!

Be warned: spoilers abound! (In the episode and on this page!) If you haven’t yet watched The Good Place, please do so, and then come back and listen to the episode afterwards.


The Good Place the show

Created by Mike Schur, a veteran of The Office and Parks and Recreation, The Good Place is about the adventures of Eleanor Shellstrop (Kristen Bell) in the afterlife, making friends and trying to become a better person.

Main Cast:

Selected Guest Cast:


The Good Place the Podcast

Hosted by Marc Evan Jackson, The Good Place The Podcast explores the show episode by episode, featuring interviews with the cast and the crew. 

The podcast has featured conversations with directors, editors, & designers behind the scenes, as well as amazing writers like Megan Amran, Jen Statsky, and Joe Mande. Further reading about Kriston Mann and the costumes of The Good Place can be found in this article.

Megan Amram's list of food pun restaurant names

When Mike Schur told the cast about the twist at the end of Season 1, Kristen Bell recorded it on her phone!

Many of the incredible creative people behind The Good Place have side projects, including:




Examples of Alie Ward's fantastic penmanship:

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